Swerve 2.0 | Boston Conservatory

From the second run of Swerve. Nov 7-10, 2013 at Boston Conservatory.

This run was part of the From the Ground Up program. Finding a way to translate the nonlinear simultaneity of Swerve into the vertical (and somewhat cramped) space of the Boston Conservatory’s Theater  was a challenge. I set up camp right at the entrance while dancers performed solos in a recessed area in front of me. The musicians performed in the room next to me in front of the box office. Dancers lined the stairs leading to the second floor performance space, in front of which was another zone of activity. In all, it was a fairly fractured, often chaotic version, but it did have its moments. Some spectators seemed puzzled by the activity and could not quite put it together with the group performance in the theater. My projections were small and often washed out by the daylight during the earlier performances. So it goes.



IMG_5543 IMG_5539 IMG_5536 IMG_5530 IMG_5518 IMG_5473 IMG_5457 IMG_5455







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