New Work: WALL Series

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“WALL series” is a multimedia collaborative installation with Washington D.C.-based poet Mark McMorris. This piece, which includes sculptural elements, multi-surface projections, text, drawing, field recordings from the Calais refugeee camp, and live spoken-word performance, examines themes of nomadic movement, flight, escape, resistance, refuge, and fugitivity as counterpoises to the figurative and literal structures of internment, constriction, confinement, quarantine, and enclosure that seek to reify the borders of mass human populations and individual consciousness and identities. Visitors to the gallery are invited to enter the space, walk the labyrinth, and may choose to read what is projected, remain silent before the text, or improvise on the themes of the piece as they see fit.

This ongoing work in progress debuted at the Carole Calo Gallery at Stonehill College in Easton, MA, March 29-April 3, 2017. Raw footage from the first installation below:

Video courtesy of photographer and Stonehill professor Adam Lampton


Line drawings by Mark McMorris

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